OUR MISSION: To empower patients and their families to make informed healthcare decisions as they navigate today’s healthcare challenges.

About US:

With a combined 40+ years of healthcare experience, we have watched our healthcare system work for patients and we have all too often watched it fail.  We founded Healthcare Patient Advocates because we believe that every patient and every family should have the resources available to make informed, educated decisions about their healthcare.   From choosing an insurance plan, understanding a hospital bill to navigating a life threatening diagnosis, Healthcare Patient Advocates will provide you a private advocate to assist you in making the best decisions for you and your family.  With HCPA you never have to feel overwhelmed by your healthcare decisions. You will have a skilled, compassionate and experienced team of advocates and insurance specialists on your side. We want to advocate for you.

CO- Founders, Natalie Ledbetter and Lori Godfrey

At Healthcare Patient Advocates we provide services for individuals and corporations looking for assistance in navigating the healthcare system.

Individual Advocate Services

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We offer a variety of services to assist you and your loved ones navigate the complexities of the healthcare system that range from medication review, case management services, in person assistance at doctors visits or hospital stays, medical bill reviews and negotiation.

Corporate Advocacy Services

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HCPA program compliments your existing benefit plan by giving your employees and their family members access to their own patient advocate.

Other HCPA services for YOU

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Healthcare Patient Advocates also will put together individual packages based on your NEEDS. HCPA also offers Comprehensive Health Insurance assessments.

Working for you, when it matters MOST…

WHY IS Healthcare Patient Advocacy Right for you? 

H: Honest and Dependable 

C: Caring and Compassionate 

P: Personal and Resourceful 

A: Accountable and Efficient  

HCPA respects and follows HIPAA guidelines. We value each customer and respect their opinion and confidentiality.

Email: lori@healthcarepatientadvocates.com Natalie@healthcarepatientadvocates.com

Call us: Lori (479) 308-5520 Natalie (479) 308-4450

Fax: (844)627-2484

P.O. Box 486 Lowell, AR 72745