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Together, Natalie and Lori have partnered in healthcare for the past 8 years in both care coordination and home care. During that time they discovered a shared passion for advocating for the rights of patients and a shared distaste of the financially driven healthcare model that we unfortunately are consumed by today. Because they work for the patient they are helping you make informed decisions about your healthcare with no financial interest from any provider or insurance provider. This means impartial advice that they would offer their own families. 

Lori Godfrey

Founder, BCPA

Lori A. Godfrey has 15 years of healthcare experience. She received her Bachelor’s in Nursing from Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, AR in 2005. 

Lori’s healthcare career has been diverse offering a background in Med- surg, ER, ICU, Nursing Leadership, home health care, case management, home health coordination, Nursing education, home infusions and healthcare sales. In her nursing career, Lori, was certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Trauma Nurse Certification.  

Lori was Board Certified in Patient Advocacy in March of 2019. She has a passion for helping people navigate through the complexities of healthcare and fighting for what is right for patients and their families.  She is passionate about patient care and providing patients and their families with the knowledge they need to advocate for themselves. She looks forward to helping more patients and their families organize, manage and coordinate their specific healthcare needs. 

Email me: lori@healthcarepatientadvocates.com

Call me: (479)308-5520

Natalie Ledbetter

Founder, BCPA

Natalie S. Ledetter has 30 years of healthcare experience.  She received her nursing degree from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR in 1991.

Natalie’s healthcare career has included a diverse background including Intensive Care, Flight nursing, Cardiac and Cardiovascular medicine, home care and infusion, case management and healthcare sales. During her ICU and trauma practices Natalie maintained certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Trauma Nurse Certification and Critical Care Registered Nurse. 

Natalie is a Board Certified Patient Advocate and has always had a passion for advocating for patients and families. She firmly believes that collaboration and strong communication between patients and their providers is imperative to a positive healthcare outcome.  She is committed to helping patients navigate the complexities of the current healthcare environment

Email me: natalie@healthcarepatientadvocates.com

Call me: (479)308-4450

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