Corporate Services

EMPLOYEES who use VALUABLE work time to take care of family health problems, provide caregiver duties and other activities cost US BUSINESSES 33 BILLION PER YEAR LOST IN PRODUCTIVITY.

Healthcare Patient Advocates program compliments your existing benefit plan by giving your employees and their family members access to their very own PATIENT ADVOCATE.

HCPA Helps With…

  • Benefit claim questions
  • Review of medical bills
  • Wellness Programs
  • Diagnosis Research and Explanation
  • Medication Review and Pharmacy benefit explination
  • Aide and Assistance in finding needed healthcare related services
  • Direct communication with healthcare team
  • Disease Management and Education

Benefits of using HCPA

  • REDUCES employee absenteeism
  • DIMINISHES lost productivity
  • KEEPS employees healthy and more productive
  • OFFERS employee support and access to resources during health events
  • MAXIMIZES healthcare dollars


We Provide you with your very own Patient Advocate to assist with Navigating the Healthcare Systems.

We do the work for your Employees so they can STAY AT WORK and stay FOCUSED.

Let us prevent lost PRODUCTIVITY and save you Healthcare Dollars.


Call today for Details on getting YOUR Employees Signed UP TODAY.

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