Frequently Asked Questions

How can Healthcare Patient Advocates Help?


The hospital is going to release my 92 year old mother whom we know is in capable of going home and caring for herself. Can HCPA help me with this?

Yes. We can identify other options for discharge for temporary or permanent placement. Many acute care facilities are bound by internal and external policies that limit the options they may present to you.


My 19 year old son was recently diagnosed with a chronic illness. He is in college out of state and we are finding it difficult to find it difficult to communicate with his healthcare providers. Can HCPA help?

Yes. Our experienced advocates can accompany your son to appointments and communicate with his healthcare team. Our primary goal would be to bridge the communication gap between you and his healthcare providers.


My father in law was hospitalized for an extended period of time. I found it very difficult to be available to his providers on their schedule to exchange information and make decisions. I have a very demanding job that doesn’t allow me much flexibility. What kind of assistance can HCPA provide?

HCPA can provide an advocate to be available to communicate with your healthcare providers on their schedule. Your advocate will communicate with you at your availability. Your advocate can also assist with needs once your father in law is discharged home.


I am not in the medical profession and I’m having a hard time understanding insurance and hospital bills? I don’t think the bill is right and there is no way we will ever pay it off. Can HCPA help me?

Yes. HCPA can review and negotiate hospital bills on your behalf. HCPA can also review your insurance options and make sure you have the best plan for your needs.


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