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Visitation Services

  • Healthcare Patient Advocates will visit your loved ones to check in on their well being, communicate medical needs and provide socialization while with them

Mental Health & Addiction

  • Help identify support groups
  • Help identify Mental Health Providers
  • Help with referral to inpatient, outpatient treatment facilities for addiction and mental health

End of Life Advocacy

  • HCPA will assist with referrals to Hospice and Palliative Care
  • Arrange Estate Planning and Funeral services
  • Identify find support groups

Healthcare Services

  • Prepare and schedule medical appointments
  • Accompany to medical appointments/Preparation, talking points, and questions for your healthcare team
  • Prepare expectations for Pre-Hospitalizations and Surgeries
  • Communicate and Coordinate with medical staff and healthcare members on behalf of you and your families needs
  • Review Diagnosis and treatment options/ helping with decision making

Insurance and Payor Assistance

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  • Review Medical/Hospital Bills
  • Organization of Medical Bills
  • Communicate directly with providers and insurers on your behalf
  • Identify errors and discrepancies in your medical bills
  • Navigate Appeals process for reimbursement
  • Negotiation of medical bill

Care Transitions and Eldercare

  • HCPA will assist with arrangement and identifying needs for transitional care to…
  • Home
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities/Acute Rehab
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Home Health Services
  • Private In Home Care Services
  • Durable Medical Equipment (oxygen, walker, etc),
  • Navigate Community Resources

Prevention, Family Planning and Support

  • Find Wellness Programs appropriate for you or your loved ones
  • Arrange Living Wills, Advanced Directives and Healthcare Proxy forms
  • Family Mediation
  • Helping understand disease processes and how to manage new Diagnosis
  • Identify Community Resources to meet your needs

I come from a family with multiple chronic healthcare issues. Our family was fortunate enough to connect with Lori and Natalie through from our healthcare provider. They have since been a invaluable resource in connecting us with the right providers and evaluating our health insurance options.

Leslie L. from Little Rock, Arkansas

Working for you, When it Matters MOST…


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